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What's going on with River now? I've been off tumblr most of the day.

There’s a video of him eating ice cream. Matt and Val are both in the video and it seems pretty obvious that they know he’s being recorded. EVERYONE is bitching about how Matts life needs to stay private and I understand that. I honestly do. They deserve respect and privacy.
But people are using this fucking dumb argument saying that by sharing pictures of him on the internet is subjecting him to danger from pedophiles and that’s literally the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard.
Using that logic, any picture posted and shared on the internet is in this same “danger” and it’s so fucking annoying seeing the “righteous” blogs and fans.
Yeah because their complaining is going to stop people from taking pictures and posting them or stealing them or whatever.
They’re famous, they’re in the spotlight and people in that situation are prone to getting this sort of attention.

Apply that same argument to pictures of the guys. Sharing pictures of them make them exposed to stalkers or creepers or whatever. So why don’t we all shut our blogs down and stop posting pictures of them? Because we don’t want to put them in any “danger” now do we?
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If you think River is in danger than I’m in danger you’re in danger, your child is on danger, your friends’ kids are in danger, North West is in danger, EVERYONE WITH PICTURES ON THE INTERNET IS IN DANGER HOLY SHIT.
If you feel so strongly about this then it don’t wanna see pictures of yourself or your personal life or your friends or your family because “your putting them in danger”

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like seriously unfollow me if this pisses you off shut THE FUCK UP
~ Arin Ilejay

~ Arin Ilejay

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my edit Arin ilejay avenged sevenfold cutie

In these cases you have to smile and nod…


In these cases you have to smile and nod…

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I love him so much fuck
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fuck is this


This is my favourite thing ever

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Brian, we are made for each other!
C’mon, it’s SO EVIDENT!
pls, marry me. pls.


Brian, we are made for each other!

C’mon, it’s SO EVIDENT!

pls, marry me. pls.

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"I want x-ray vision, sometimes. Just so I can check out Syn’s package." "I’m Synyster Gates, and he’s talking about my package."

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the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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some people on here man
it just makes me laugh

There’s the people who rage and argue over every thing

The ones who complain about the fighting

The ones who say they can’t stand the fandom

The ones who steal photos

The ones who do edits

The ones who make fun of the band out of love

The ones who fangirl and spew their love

And one ones who don’t say shit, reblog stuff, and keep their mouths quiet

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excuse u brian


excuse u brian

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So people are saying that posting pics of river is dangerous because of pedophiles. But if I post pictures of my kids (I don’t have kids but hypothetically) it’s okay and they’re not in danger of pedophiles?

Like no one would make long posts or protests claiming my kid is “in danger” of pedophiles.
I understand not throwing yourself into the guys’ private lives but don’t make yourself seem better and more righteous because “your worried for pedophiles and stalkers” because you’re not. You’re just bitching to bitch and make yourself seem like a better fan so shut the fuck up

Yeah it’s shitty for famous people, that parts of their lives get exposed and pictures get hacked but people bitching on tumblr aren’t going to stop the pictures from getting taken and shared. I feel bad for them but like if they’re in public (or their kid is in public) and pictures get taken, that’s the risk they run by being in public

I could easily go in public and take pictures of people or their kids and post them on the internet or go into some random persons facebook and steal their pictures but no one is there to defend them because “they’re not famous”

EVERYONE just needs to SHUT THE HELL UP and leave EACH OTHER alone.

That’s actually a good point here. I mean, yeah, it is a shitty thing to invade the guys lives like that. It’s already starting to show negative affects on Zacky, and Matt might be next. Although, ironically enough, Matt does seem a lot more friendly and mellow than back in the COE-era - while, with Zacky, I worry that the rabid members of the fanbase might be pushing him in the opposite direction.

But, getting back to your post, I see what you mean. A lot of it might be the case of caring about Matt’s kid strictly because Matt is a famous person in a famous band, and wanting to pat ourselves on the back for being “better fans” - rather than out of genuine concern for the safety of little kids per se. River didn’t exactly ask to be born to a famous person, and I get that - but his life is really not anymore important than that of other little kids.

This post does contain a lot of fandom stuff, that some of you may not really care about - but the OP does make make some very important posts about how much we tend to really value the safety of little kids.

If M Shadows (the front-man of Avenged Sevenfold) was to make a public statement stating that he was actually fine with photos of his son being plastered over the internet, then I bet a lot of these same people complaining would be changing their tunes.

The fact that people seem to only care about the safety of young children if they care about the parents and their view about their children’s privacy is a definite case of adult privilege

^^ this

i dont hack for photos and never would. but this post makes some very valid points

i disagree with all of this. even if matt did say it was ok I would not do it because its about respect. sure if i go post pics of my kids (if i had them) im risking exposure just as much as the next person posting pics of their kids. BUT the fact of the matter is those photos of Matts son are STOLEN PHOTOS and are being spread all over the internet faster than a forest fire. the fact that one child (due to having famous parents) is getting 100 times more exposure than most kids is running the risk of having an online predator be attracted to that one child more than any other photos of kids out there. that is why i said what i said before. 

and its not about being a better fan than others nor is it about being concerned for a childs safety to make me look better. it is about the fact that if i were in Matts shoes i sure as hell would not want people I DONT KNOW to steal photos from my private accounts or from my families private accounts and spread them around as if it were their god given right. personally i dont do things that i wouldnt want other people to do to me and that includes posting photos i have no right to be posting.

once again it is about having respect!!!!!

my whole issue is, matt isnt the only famous person in the world with a child. I’ve never heard Matt even say that he didnt want pictures posted on the internet. Idk if he made that statement and i missed it or what. But anyway as i said i agree with this article. Ive never personally posted or reblogged any pictures of River and i never will, however this whole ” being disrespectful posting pictures of a child” is getting kinda outta hand. Fans have seen him, he was on tour with Matt. Ive personally seen River myself at carolina rebellion. If it was that big of a deal to Matt i doubt he would bring his child on tour with him. Another example Matt Tuck from bullet for my valentine has a son whos pictures get posted all the time online. But yet no ones complaining about that. I dont understand. Maybe everyone just needs to leave the issue alone, Ranting about it being right or wrong will literally not change peoples minds about hacking for photos

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